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8 Responses to RadioCross on AIR

  1. marius Brand says:

    Hallo. Where are you

  2. Rozanne Visagie says:

    Great interview with Gerard and Cecelia Verhulst..Revival and reformation of the Bride of Christ will surely come.. Maranatha! Many blessings Johan.. May Radio Cross go from strength to strength..

  3. Marchy says:

    Amazing music….. Freedom

  4. Daniel says:

    Greetings from Indonesia

  5. Allen Little says:

    What time zone are you?
    How many hours from Eastern USA zone?

    • johan says:

      Hello, we set on +2 GMT as we situated in Cape Town South Africa. You -4 GMT and that make you 6 hours behind us. Let me know what program you want to listen to and if time not good time for you will load it as a popcast. Have a blessed day

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