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Overcomer Ps Errol Rennie Oasis Ministries

“OVERCOMER”. Join us Thursday 8PM (+2 GMT) 5 October 2023 on RadioCross as we listen to this msg from Ps Errol Rennie Oasis Ministries, Fishhoek, Cape Town. You can listen on website or download RadioCross app Andriod Play Store or Apple iStore Have a blessed day. RADIOCROSS… Continue reading

Onderhoud met Rooies Strauss

johan…..die kruisman doen onderhoud (in afrikaans) met Rooies Strauss rondom die toekoms van Suid Afrika. Skakel vanaand in Saterdag 8PM (+2 GMT) 16 September 2023 (heruitsaai) Sondag 8PM (+2 GMT) 17 September 2023 op RadioCross. You can listen on website or download RadioCross app for ANDRIOD   or Apple iStore … Continue reading


Greetings Brothers & Sisters in Christ, Our nation South Africa is in serious trouble and there is a cloud of darkness hanging over our nation (not referring to loadshedding but the sins of our nation). God has called me to fast and to walk with the cross in sackcloth from… Continue reading